The bridge

The shallow causeway across the creek can become impassable for vehicles during high rainfall. Next to the causeway there is a quality engineered footbridge for use in these rare circumstances.

There is a flood level gauge on both sides of the causeway. Under no circumstances should you drive across if the water level is above 25cm (0.25m).

As the water flows over the causeway it is much stronger than in deeper parts of the river. If a vehicle is broadsided, it can be easily swept off. If in doubt, always leave your vehicle and walk across the footbridge.

If the water level warrants it, the property manager will arrange to meet you when you arrive to walk you across the footbridge and onto the house (approx 150m). The bridge, driveway and gardens are well lit.

Hopefully not, but for the duration of your stay you may need to walk from the house and across the footbridge to access your car.

The upside of this is that with the rain often come beautiful low clouds that hang below the escarpments, and waterfalls that run off them, surrounding the property which make for an amazing spectacle!